Manufacturing Lignor products in Australia, provides much needed support for Australia’s forest industries and skilled regional employment opportunities.

Additionally, ‘downstream’ industries such as manufacturing businesses can use Lignor products as a base product for their products, ie. I-Beams, SIP, concrete formwork, furniture, kitchen benches etc.

The same value-adding opportunities will accrue to a Lignor plant being set up overseas.

Lignor will aim to partner with a TAFE to provide a manufacturing training program so that Lignor will have a ready workforce coinciding with the progress of the building and commissioning of the plant.

Lignor has built a strong community around its business. This community is wide ranging and consists of Federal and State Governments, Universities, Timber Research Centres, private investors and champions often Professors or architects from around the world, all of whom are keen to have the product commercially available.

This community has supported Lignor because of its understanding of the market opportunities and Lignor’s unique portfolio of products.