Market Opportunities

Lignor EWP are cost comparable and superior to existing high-strength EWP, providing domestic, industrial and commercial applications nationally and globally.

BIS Shrapnel and URS have completed a comprehensive assessment of the markets for ESL®, ESB® and CLSTTM, which supports the significant market potential for the Lignor project both in Australia and Internationally.

Such reports and views are confirmed by leaders in extending the use of EWP in higher buildings; Andrew Waugh and Michael Green. They publically stated that by 2035, 3 billion more people will require housing. This is equivalent to building 100,000 homes per day from now until 2035. By 2050, most of these (about 70%) will be in urban areas requiring efficient, sustainable construction methods.

Lignor EWP are appropriate for mass low to medium rise construction as they are generally much stronger than softwood EWP and can be made termite fungal, rot and fire resistant throughout the entire product not just on the EWP periphery.

Lignor is collaborating with key industry players on suitable opportunities such as the $1Bn+ per annum container floor market.