Construction Applications

Significant savings in construction, time and money can be made by replacing traditional building materials such as steel and concrete with panels such as CLT and beams, eg. Laminated Veneer Lumber made of factory-finished Engineered Wood Products. Lignor products being high performance EWP will share in this trend.

Lignor products are price comparable with most other high strength construction materials as the following independent accreditation asserts.

Andrew Waugh is one of the world leaders in designing and using EWP in buildings. He designed the world’s first tall timber tower, Stadthaus in London in 2008, and has demonstrated that construction time using EWP could be reduced by 30%. There are additional cost savings incurred as EWP are lighter than traditional building materials, thus lighter cranes can be used and far less concrete is required in building footings. He stated to Lignor his structures could go higher using just Lignor EWP without having to resort to concrete or steel to supplement softwood EWP.

in “Wood Solutions” Australian tour in April 2017 that Cross Laminated Timber has expanded in global production (by 48% pa) since its early days in 2003 (4000m3) to around 1,000,000 m3 in 2017.

, he presented concepts to the developer for two almost identical structures, one in wood and the other in concrete. The wood structure was estimated to cost £1,420 per square foot (approximately USD2,130 at August 2009 exchange rate) compared to £1,750 a square foot (USD2,625) for concrete, a saving at the time of 15 percent.

Globally, there are a large number of buildings made from softwood CLT, and this trend is set to continue. The heights of such buildings are progressively increasing.

There are currently about 50 producers of CLT around the world. Lignor can piggyback on this exponential growth, especially as Lignor products are stronger and more resistant to attacks from rot, termites, fungus and fire.

The below table illustrates a range of products qualities:

Product Carbon Storage Sustainability Strength Longevity Cost Machinability
Softwood EWP
Solid Timber Products


Best Reasonable Worst