Cross Laminated Strand Timber (CLST™): Cross laminated ESL®

CLST™ has much higher stiffness and strength than softwood Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and can be used as floor or wall panels, and is ideal for domestic and commercial construction projects.

CLST™ is made by pressing ESL® together to form a very high strength product both in cross sectional and longitudinal dimensions..

It differs from other solid wood panels, such as CLT, in that it:

  • Is made in an entirely mechanised process.
  • Has longevity treatments for fire, termite, fungus and rot resistance throughout the entire product’s matrix unlike envelope treatments for CLT.
  • Can have much higher longitudinal and lateral strength.
  • Can be machined in any direction.
  • Made from a very dense but fast growing timber resource.

“Lignor’s Cross Laminated Strand Lumber (CLST™) product would be a strong competitor to regular CLT” 21.09.12 quote from Senior Chair Professor Frank Lam Ph.D, P.Eng, FIWSc, FIAWS, University of British Columbia, The Wood Building Design and Construction, Department of Wood Science.