Engineered Strand Lumber – Uni-directional Strength timber. ESL® can be used for beams, posts, flooring and to manufacture Cross Laminated Strand Timber (CLST™). ESL® has up to twice the stiffness (Modulus of Elasticity) of softwood.

ESL® flooring is attractive and can be used as a replacement to flooring made from tropical hardwoods.

By substituting sustainably and legally produced Lignor ESL® for tropical hardwoods commonly used in flooring and container flooring (two globally significant markets), significant man-made greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided through deforestation and associated land degradation as there is some 20 Mha of eucalyptus already planted around the world in 86 countries, much of it looking for a home. Historically many eucalyptus plantations were planted for pulp and paper. However, given the demise of that industry with the increasing use of e-readers, that eucalyptus is relatively cheap compared to other timber fibre resource which has multiple end-uses.