The Basics of Production

A variety of Eucalyptus timber from legal, sustainable and certified sources can be used to make Lignor products.

The log is stranded into thin strands. The timber strands are dried then impregnated with pMDI resin and optional benign fungal, rot, fire and termite resistant treatments.

The timber strands are aligned either uni-directionally for ESL® or bi-directionally for ESB® like plywood to give strength in two directions. CLSTTM is made by cross laminating sheets of ESL® together to give a very high strength product in two directions.

Finally, the timber strands are compressed to form a large billet, which is then cut into the customers’ required product dimensions.

The Lignor hardwood process is based upon proven technology developed by the German engineering companies Siempelkamp and Dieffenbacher, world leaders in presses for Engineered Wood Products.

Lignor is the first company in the world to develop ESL® and ESB® both registered internationally and CLST™ from Eucalyptus.