Structural Timber processing has evolved from simple sawing. The basis for sawing planks for CLT, to veneering for plywood and Laminated Veneer Lumber, and most recently stranding.
Stranding Major Advantages:

Using small diameter, economical juvenile fast growing and high yielding tree crops.
Providing high conversion c. 70+% vs, c 40%-50% for CLT.
These twin virtues lead to significantly lower cost of raw material and far more consistent product free of natural defects as the laminae are precision engineered vs the planks’ variability in CLT.


All of the treatments are added during the manufacturing process so that the entire Lignor product is protected — not just its envelope as in the case for planks in CLT.

These envelope treatments are useless once such treated timber is further machined.


An environmentally friendly termite Borogard inhibitor treatment is used to deter termite attack.

The basic ingredient in the treatment is a common mineral found present in human food, and when burnt does not give off any toxic substances.

This treatment replaces the need for potentially hazardous toxic treatments post-production, such as in many old container floors which cannot be disposed of in the First World nor should pollute others’ environments.