Success @ Greenbuild 2023

Key members of the Lignor team (Graeme Black, Jim Lake and Duncan Mayes) recently presented the exciting next generation mass timber product and technology CLST® at this year's Greenbuild+IWBC conference in Washington DC. Our products received a lot of interest and excitement from a variety of architects, builders, offsiters, developers and public sector representatives. [...]

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Guava & Bananas with Prof. Armory Lovins

As the Founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in Colorado, Professor Armory Lovins had always inspired Graeme with his bold ideas on sustainability. His ground-breaking ideas on energy efficiency and renewables have been leading the field for more than 40 years and he is widely acknowledged as the Einstein of energy efficiency. [...]

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Impact Greenbuild 2022

Lignor Team above: Jim Lake, Duncan Mayes, Graeme Black CEO > Contact. Lignor was proud to be present at this year’s Greenbuild build and Industrialised Wood Based Construction (IWBC) conference and Exhibition in San Francisco. The full scale CLST® elements and beams impressed both architects and construction companies from all [...]

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