Global Container Shipping

Lignor EWP are cost comparable to existing high-strength EWP, providing domestic, industrial and commercial solutions with global appeal.

Lignor’s container floor board veneered ESB has been dynamically tested and passed by Maersk under the most arduous ISO test at its R&D centre in Denmark. Traditionally container plywood floors were made of tropical rainforest timbers some 70 years old.

The global container floor market requires some 1.2 – 1.4 Mm3 of flooring timber yearly. Formerly with the majority made of tropical hardwood – often illegally procured.


Toxic Glue & Labour Costs

Bamboo composites now take about half the container floor market, but bamboo flooring manufacturing is both labour and glue intensive. Furthermore, the glue used in bamboo flooring is often formaldehyde based which is carcinogenic.

Lignor’s glue is benign once set. One of our glue manufacturers has one client who uses it to make coffee cups!
Environmental Destruction

Tropical hardwoods from log only converts useful timber of 25% to 33%. It is ghastly to contemplate how many millions of cubic metres of good tropical rainforest trees “must be” felled each year to get some 0.65 Mm3 p.a. of finished timber. All for a mundane industrial product of container flooring, which only lasts in use up to 10 years.


Stronger at 7yrs

Lignor’s process has a conversion of over 70%, with the remainder providing bio-mass thermal heat, essential for the carbon-friendly manufacturing process.

Lignor has recently made a board product out of 7 year old Chinese hybrid Eucalyptus product that is stronger than 70 year old rainforest container floor plywood. This was independently tested by Dieffenbacher Germany, world leaders, along with Siempelkamp, in press technology. Dieffenbacher

Lignor has a further patent in CLST® for container floors.

Lignor Container Flooring Bamboo veneered

Construction Application

Save time and money by disrupting conventional construction techniques using steel, concrete and bricks by using factory-finished CLST® Engineered Wood Products.

Globally, there are a large number of buildings made from softwood CLT, and this trend is set to continue. The heights of such buildings are progressively increasing.

Lignor can leap-frog on this exponential growth, especially as Lignor products are considerably easier to manufacture make than CLT.

They possess higher strength and are more resistant to attacks from rot, termites, fungus and fire.

See the below table illustrating a range of products qualities:


Carbon Storage






Softwood EWP
Solid Timber Products

Best   Reasonable   Worst