Leverage Huge Growth Potential.


Stranding like CLST® yields a conversion much higher than conventional sawing to make planks for CLT meaning much less waste.


Stranding uses much smaller diameter faster growing juvenile tree crops which yield more timber per ha, hence are far more abundant and economical.


CLT conversely requires individual sawing and processing of larger diameter logs from much older and increasingly scarcer trees.


The strands can be holistically treated for termite, fungus, rot and fire resistance, unlike CLT planks which have to be envelope treated, which is a problem with further machining.

Utilise Major Advantages:

Sustainable, fast growing tree crops, recyclable and carbon friendly in manufacture.

Price comparable compared to other high performance EWP.

Aesthetically pleasing and projecting environmental message.

Resistant to fire, rot, termites and fungus throughout the entire EWP.

Uniform, reliable engineered strength and performance unlike some solid timber products which suffer from natural defects.

Substitute for replacing heavier and carbon intensive steel, concrete and bricks.

Removes several trades + labour costs.

Easy and faster assembly via ‘flat pack’ approach to Just-in-time construction.

Lignor has globally registered CLST® ESL®, ESB® and its patents in 21 countries with one further patent pending in a similar number of countries.