Success @ Greenbuild 2023

2023-10-07|Exhibition, USA|

Key members of the Lignor team (Graeme Black, Jim Lake and Duncan Mayes) recently presented the exciting next generation mass timber product and technology CLST® at this year's Greenbuild+IWBC conference in Washington DC. Our products received a lot of interest and excitement from a variety of architects, builders, offsiters, [...]

Pen-friends unite to face ecological crisis.

2023-09-08|Lignor, Travel|

Friday 16 June 2023 CEO Graeme Black was delighted to meet personally in London with an old mentor and friend - The Dean of the prestigious London Business School.   Dean François Ortalo-Magné was welcoming former students for the 40th Anniversary of their two-year Master’s Course 1981-83. On receiving Graeme’s [...]

Impact Greenbuild 2022

2022-11-18|Exhibition, Lignor, USA|

Lignor Team above: Jim Lake, Duncan Mayes, Graeme Black CEO > Contact. Lignor was proud to be present at this year’s Greenbuild build and Industrialised Wood Based Construction (IWBC) conference and Exhibition in San Francisco. The full scale CLST® elements and beams impressed both architects [...]

Wood Construction is the Greatest Chance We Have


The World is at a tipping point with global emissions of meeting the UN target of maximum 1.5°C temperature rise now highly unlikely according to one of the World’s leading climatologists Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. He already believes our best hope is 2°C. The total amount of anthropogenic mass (concrete, [...]

From Attenborough to Maersk R&D


Lignor’s Products have a plethora of uses and a unique role to play as the world moves to a carbon constrained economy. When Graeme Black first joined the Lignor Board, he was offered Lignor samples the size of phone directories or door stoppers. He thought [...]

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