Welcome to Lignor

Using Eucalyptus hardwoods, Lignor has designed and patented three products: Engineered Strand Lumber (ESL®), Engineered Strand Board (ESB®) and Cross Laminated Strand Timber (CLST®).

Lignor has adopted and patented stranding technology designed for softwoods to develop one of the world’s strongest portfolio of Engineered Wood Products (EWP) from sustainable and certified Eucalyptus hardwood.

The performance properties of all products have been accredited by many independent testing houses and extensively tested by two companies in shipping container flooring.

Engineered wood products represent the sustainable future for the building and construction industry by replacing traditional building materials such as steel, concrete, bricks and aluminium in a range of industrial, commercial and domestic building applications. Currently the building sector recognises that buildings and their ongoing costs are responsible for about  manmade greenhouse gas emissions and use about 40% of the world’s .

While Lignor products are not yet commercially available in large volumes, the company’s business model is to license its extensively tested and trialled patented intellectual property within its EWP portfolio to allow for large-scale manufacturing to occur. Such interest is now being commercialised. However, Lignor is open to further collaboration on all commercialisation opportunities. Dieffenbacher et al have done so much testing, they would guarantee both the plant’s press output and its product performance parameters.