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Our forward-focused team of innovators spans the globe with a shared mission - creating more from less. We’re supported by government, university and industry partners who share a passion for sustainability. Read our stories about global industry events, learn about global partnerships and gain inspiration from meetings with leading sustainability icons and movers.

Impact Greenbuild 2022

Lignor Team above: Jim Lake, Duncan Mayes, Graeme Black CEO > Contact. Lignor was proud to be present at this year’s Greenbuild build and Industrialised Wood Based Construction (IWBC) conference and Exhibition in San Francisco. The full scale CLST® elements and beams impressed both architects and construction companies from all [...]

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Wood Construction is the Greatest Chance We Have

The World is at a tipping point with global emissions of meeting the UN target of maximum 1.5°C temperature rise now highly unlikely according to one of the World’s leading climatologists Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. He already believes our best hope is 2°C. The total amount of anthropogenic mass (concrete, metals, aggregates, plastics) surpassed the [...]

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From Attenborough to Maersk R&D

Lignor’s Products have a plethora of uses and a unique role to play as the world moves to a carbon constrained economy. When Graeme Black first joined the Lignor Board, he was offered Lignor samples the size of phone directories or door stoppers. He thought conversely; Lignor samples had to [...]

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